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Hear What Your Neighbors Have to Say About Oscar

Priyanka A.
McKinney, TX
Closed March 2022
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Oscar was exceptional and very thorough with providing all the details regarding the loan proceedings. If anything, he was hand holding us through the entire process and was very patient with answering any questions we had. All in all, he is phenomenal and highly recommend Oscar.

Lidia S.
Denton, TX
Closed May 2021
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Oscar is professional, knowledgeable and polite, was a pleasure to work with him, look forward to working with him again.

Vinh P.
Denton, TX
Closed September 2021
Quotation Mark

We really enjoyed working with Oscar on this mortgage. He's always available and always made sure to respond to every question that I had (and I had a lot of questions). Thank you for this smooth application process! On the scale 1 to 10, we would rate Oscar at 15

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